Angela Ahrendts taking her time moving to Apple

Angela Ahrendts, incoming SVP of Retail at Apple, seems to be taking her time leaving her current post as CEO of Burberry, and the company has yet to announce her departure date. Ahrendts is supposed to start this spring, and is available to leave Burberry starting this month, having finished her six-month notice term. But it appears that she will stay with the company a little longer, helping to ease the transition to her successor. She may also be staying while negotiating the terms of a possible £8 million in share bonuses from Burberry, according to The Guardian:

However, it is thought Ahrendts wants to leave next month to take up her new post and some have suggested the most likely reason no leaving date has been confirmed is that she is wrangling with Burberry and Apple over compensation for the payout in June.

Ahrendts, recently made an honorary Dame of the British Empire, will be Apple's first retail chief since October 2012, when John Browett was let go as part of Tim Cook's executive shuffle of the company.

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Source: The Guardian