Angela Ahrendts on transitioning to Apple

Apple's new senior vice president of online and retail stores, Angela Ahrendts has a huge task ahead of her. Apple has built an amazing, industry-leading shopping experience, but what doesn't evolve inevitably fades away. There are new markets to open, including China, new products in the pipeline, including rumors of larger iPhone 6 and iWatch on the horizon, and new initiatives to further surprise and delight customers. Before she can tackle the future, however, Ahrendts has to handle the present day transition. So, how's she doing that? Here's what she had to say on LinkedIn:

I am by no means an expert at these transitions, but I've always tried to be consistent in how I run, exit and begin in a new business. I thought I would share a few professional and personal insights which are helping me adapt to a new sector, culture and country. (Silicon Valley can feel like a country unto itself!) [...] So remember, first impressions are truly lasting and if you want to overthink anything, overthink how others are perceiving you and your leadership. Are they quickly lining up to follow you? This could single-handedly determine the speed of your assimilation and the company's success.

The advice between the [...] is pretty damn good too, so read all of it. I transitioned from product marketing to media and it was quite the adjustment. Ahrendts is transitioning to one of the biggest roles on the planet, but it looks like she's more than well equipped to handle it with savvy and grace.

What are you most looking forward to in the new era of Apple online and retail stores?