Angry Birds adds 15 new levels, gives Red Bird some new moves

The original Angry Birds has received an update that adds new levels with new gameplay, challenging players to hit moving targets. The Red's Mighty Feathers episode contains 15 new levels.

The objective of these new levels is to protect the eggs in the nest from advancing pigs using an upgraded Red Bird, which can now be directed towards their target after launch. The pigs attempt to safely snatch the eggs using different vehicles to protect them from the birds. The number of birds you can use to complete the level is unlimited, but it does still have an effect on your score, which is not points-based. While you still receive a star rating, you are awarded each star based on certain level objectives. You get one for saving a set number of eggs, one for destroying a set number of pigs, and one for using a limited number of birds.

The update is available for both Angry Birds on the iPhone, as well as Angry Birds HD on the iPad.

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