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Angry Birds is everywhere; in Rio, in HD, celebrating the Seasons…now, those pesky pigs and amazing birds have blasted into space.

Angry birds fans rejoice! Angry Birds Space was just released this morning into the App Store where the war between the birds and pigs continues in outer space on tiny planets.

So, what’s new in this edition of Angry Birds? Well, zero gravity for one. It is quite a challenge to shoot your bird and have it orbit the pigs – striking its target at just the right time.

In addition to 60 levels of zero gravity battles, Angry Birds Space includes many new birds and new superpowers. One of the bird types, Space Eagles, can be earned through game play or obtained via an in-app purchase.

It's important to note the iPhone and iPad versions do not sync over iCloud which means your progress will not be saved between multiple devices. So I recommended thinking about which device you think you'll play most often, and purchase the game for only that device. Otherwise, you'll have to play through all the levels twice. Disappointing. I know.

I've only spent about a minute or two playing Angry Birds Space and am excited about playing more. The new gameplay is going to be new challenge to master because of zero gravity.

How far have you gotten so far?

$0.99 - iPhone - Download now

$2.99 - iPad - Download now

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