Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space has just been updated with a whole bunch of new content. The 2.0 update features a whooping 50 new levels split up in two parts and as hidden bonus levels. New mechanics such as asteroid showers, gas tanks, and batteries have been introduced.

There are NASA tie-ins galore, with Buzz Aldrin able to come in and save your bacon on a tough level, plus there's the challenge of finding research spacecraft like the Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact, and Dawn.

Angry Birds has a wide selection of spin-off games, including a licensing deal with Star Wars that borrowed a lot of the zero-g mechanics of Angry Birds Space. This version is still particularly interesting in how the birds you fling orbit around various planets. If you don't have Angry Birds Space already, you can snag it in the App Store below. How many of you guys are still playing Angry Birds? Have you made it far through Angry Birds Space?

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