Not everyone loves their iPhone, it seems. Jose Trujillo, whoever the hell that is, has begun a class action suit against both Apple and AT&T, claiming damages as a result of the iPhone's non-replaceable battery that, according to Jose, can only be charged 300 times. Apparently he didn't check facts before filing. Had he done so he would have known that the battery is in fact good for 400 charges and beyond. Even at that point the battery DOES NOT need serviced - it simply won't hold a full charge.

Still, I blame Apple for unnecessarily creating this issue in the first place by bolting down the hood, so to speak, and failing to clearly disclose the battery's true lifespan and performance.

Jose, if you read this, I refer you to my attorneys from the law firm of Dewey, Screwem, and Howe. They'll work hard to steal win your money.