Anki Drive getting new cars and tracks, plus a new Race Mode

The folks at Anki Drive have released two new cars, two new tracks, and a new mode for their real-world iOS racing game today. Corax is one of the new cars, which is able to mount multiple weapons, while Hadion has a turbo boost function available right away. As for tracks, Crossroads adds the first intersection to the mix, while Bottleneck has a particularly narrow section which should be a welcome challenge. Finally, the race mode will award the player that manages to get 15, 30, or 45 laps. Combined with the default battle mode, this should keep things interesting.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, Anki Drive is an evolution of slot car racing, where players control their mini vehicles with their iOS device, including the activation of special abilities and tracking score.

Existing AnkiDrive players will want to check out the app update, while those that have been curious about it can pick up the new stuff below. It doesn’t look like Corax is in stock just yet, but it should be available soon.

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