TiPb iPhone Live-Cast!

The iPhone Blog Podcast is about to go weekly... and go LIVE!

Mike and Dieter knock it out of the park with phone different, giving you your twice-monthly fix all things iPhone -- news, views, and community. We love it, and we aren't messing with it. What we are doing, however, is adding to it!

Every other week (i.e. in between Phone Different episodes), we'll be coming at you live and in video via http://www.imore.com/live

The first part of each iPhone Live!-Cast will focus on a specific issue concerning the iPhone community, in depth and -- literally -- in your face. Anchored by the voice of Smartphone Experts, Dieter Bohn, starring a round-table of your favorite TiPb writers including Casey, Chad, Brian, Jeremy (and editor emeritus, Mike when his schedule allows), and moderated by yours truly.

And the second part? Well, that's where you -- our readers -- come in. The second part is pure interaction. Send us your comments and questions, either beforehand via email (podcast at tipb dot com) or Twitter (@theiphoneblog), or live during the show via the chat window (no need to sign up for an account, just enter a screen name and start typing!)

So join us Wednesday Oct. 29, 8pm EDT for the debut episode of iPhone Live!

And if you can't make it, no worries. The show will be recorded and added in to the phone different podcast feed.

Like we said, we're going weekly!