Changewave released information from their latest survey, and the iPhone is tops again. 2% of the 3654 people surveyed have iPhones. Of the people that have iPhones, 82% are "Very Satisfied," up 5% since the last survey in July and tops in the list. The only company with "Very Satisfied" ratings above 50% is RiM with the Blackberry series. Best yet, the iPhone is set to capture a bit more than 2% -- Changewave reports that a full 16% of all people surveyed intend to purchase an iPhone within the next 6 months. Quoth Tobin Smith, founder of Changewave:

There’s no longer any doubt about the staying power of the iPhone. The continuing embrace of the iPhone by the public is a stellar example of how a new product can forever alter its own playing field."

It's unfortunately kind of a high and low quote; he's right about the 'alter its own playing field' bit. But show me anyone who thought the iPhone was just going to go away.