Anova has a new iPhone-controlled home sous vide machine on the market and it looks to be both well made and incredibly well priced — or at least, the early bird discount on Kickstarter is really good. Sous vide, the fancy name for temperature controlled emersion cooking, is the latest gadget to capture the imagination of the online nerd community. Here's what Anova has to say about their latest and greatest:

In addition to our three chief goals (low-price, flexibility, and connectivity), we also wanted to incorporate many suggestions from our users. The result is a redesigned system, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the home chef. It's simple, yet powerful, flexible and accurate. It's incredibly light, weighing only 2.5 lbs. Its small, and easy to store. It truly represents a breakthrough in precision temperature cooking devices.

So, thanks to Bluetooth, your iPhone now gets to control your sous vide, meaning less chance for human error and more chance for tasty food.

The iPhone App makes it incredibly easy to cook with Anova. You simply find the food you're cooking, adjust the settings if you'd like, and hit start. There's no need to search for time and temperature settings. It will all be programmed into your phone.

Anova is also going to release an SDK so other apps can be made, for example nutrition apps.

While the original early bird special was for $99 that was bought-out in the time it took me to start writing this article. The current special is $129 and will likely also go fast. Full retail will be $169 and Anova expects to ship this October. If you want one, and you want a great price, act fast!

(I've been looking for a connected sous-vide for a while, so I just backed the stuffing out of this.)

Source: Anova