Any.Do will soon launch Cal, a calendar app that is supposed to be the first in a series of new apps. Cal asks you to sign in with your Any.Do account, then imports your existing calendar events as well as your contacts. Cal tries to make creating events as easy and useful as possible. According to The Next Web, Cal can use your location when creating a new entry in order to give you important for your event.

To add an item to your calendar, hit the little ‘+’ button and then enter a name for your event. Here’s where things start to get smart – it also asks to use your current location, so it can deliver ‘smart’ details for each entry. For example, if you enter a location name such as ‘Concert at Finsbury Park’, Cal detects it. It will even plot it out on a map for you and offer to help you navigate your way to any event.

You can also tell Cal what kind of place you are going to, such as a restaurant, in which case Cal will display a list of your event's possible locations for you to select automatically. Adding contacts to an entry gives you the option of sending invites directly from Cal.

While Any.Do hasn't said anything about the other apps that they are currently developing, a quick look at the Cal announcement video provides a hint or two about what's coming up next.

Cal is currently in private beta. If you want to join the beta, sign up at Any.Do's website. Cal is expected to launch later this summer.

Source: Any.Do, The Next Web