VoyagerApps have updated their iPad web browser, Apollo, with optimization for Google Reader.

Before Apollo, you could only browse the single-column iPhone layout of Google Reader on the iPad. So we tweaked the Google Reader web app in Apollo and changed it to a two-pane layout, just like the Email app. You can browse folders and titles on the left pane, and when you tap on it, content shows on the right pane - perfect for iPad.

  • Elegant and powerful Facebook integration - FB chat is at the right bottom corner of Apollo, just like FB on computer browser. Tap on it and you see contact list, tap on a friend to start chatting, it's that easy.
  • Video Popout - Apollo is the only app that lets you enjoy web and video at the same time. Tap on the Video button on bottom toolbar to try it out.
  • Best Google Reader for iPad - Apollo optimizes Google Reader for iPad in a beautiful two pane layout. Tap Reader in home screen to give it a try.
  • Tabs - The top tool bar only has 4 buttons to leave max room for web tabs. Tip: swipe left/right on web tabs to navigate your tabs.
  • Gesture rules - Put two fingers on web page and swipe left to go back previous page. Two fingers swipe to right to go forward. Try it and you will fall in love with it.

Apollo: Browser+Facebook chat is available for free. Screenshots after the break.

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