You've seen them a million times on Facebook — short Q&A's that promise some sort of insight to your personality or state of being: What career would you be best at? What coffee shop drink would you be? The novelty wears thin after a while, but the concept behind it and its familiarty makes it easy to explain to school-age developers. Fifteen of them are available in an app that benefits a non-profit organization aimed at getting more girls interested in careers in tech.

App Camps for Girls are popping up in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver: Week long summer camps for girls entering 8th or 9th grade. Girls learn how to code and write their own apps — by the end of the week they're pitching their app ideas to women investors and entrepreneurs.

Now they've released an app on the App Store, and it includes 15 personality quizzes created by the actual camper project teams. The quizzes will tell you what your superpower will be, your spirit animal identity, where you should go on vacation and more.

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