Localytics gathered data from app users across Android and iOS, and found that 23% of Android apps are used more than 11 times, compared to 35% of iPhone and iPad apps. At the other end of the spectrum, iOS users are only slightly more fickle than those on Android: 24% versus 21% apps are only used once before being ditching. Overall, iOS enjoyed 52% higher retention rate than Android. Those rates are on the rise, compared to 2010; there has been a 19% jump in long-term retention, and a 4% drop in short-term retention across all platforms. The data was gathered across 300 million devices worldwide in Q3 2011 and Q3 2010.

The App Store has certainly commoditzed mobile software, and would have some (like Nintendo) believe that it's devaluing software. Clearly increased quality in apps and savvier end-users are contributing to increased loyalty, and with increased app loyalty comes increased likelihood of spending. That's is particularly good news for developers using a freemium model; after all, it's hard to sell in-app purchases if users delete an app after opening it once.

How long do you generally keep apps on your iPad or iPhone? Which are the ones that see the most usage?

Source: Localytics