App Store brought in 3.5 times more revenue than Google Play in 2012

App Annie, a service that tracks revenue and growth for both the App Store and Google Play, has released their January 2013 index. Both marketplaces are doing very well and while Google Play saw more growth than the App Store, the App Store still managed to bring in over 3 times more than Google Play.

When comparing both app ecosystems, Google Play has grown tremendously with over 700,000 apps now available to consumers compared to the App Store's 800,000, according to App Annie and Bloomberg.

App Annie wouldn't disclose specific revenue figures because it sells that information separately to software companies that buy the data and analytics. While Apple has said the App Store has generated more than $7 billion since 2008, Google hasn't made such information public. Apple has more than 800,000 apps on its store, and Google has more than 700,000.

Apple has reported to average around $333 million a month since June to December, which is over 3 times more than Google Play. Apple also saw an increase in sales of around 20% between October and December which can probably be attributed to the release of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

What's interesting though is that Google Play has grown 6 times its size prior to 2012, even though Apple still pulled in higher revenue. Apple's App Store has been around a lot longer than Google Play and has a very established user base but it shows that both ecosystems are doing remarkably well as coming into a brand new year.

Source: Bloomberg