One pleasant surprise today from the App Store's weekly refresh following iOS 8 app update insanity is a new type of app content called bundles. As the name suggests, this lets you buy multiple apps at once, often with a net savings. For example, the swell guys at Pixite have their whole suite of surreal photo editing apps available for $7.99.

If you already have some apps within a bundle, you'll get an added discount, and prompted to "Complete My Bundle". We're spotting over 40 bundles in the featured section alone, some getting as big as 8 titles. The app bundles are put together by devs, so don't expect a whole bunch of mix-and-matching.

This is a great way to get apps in bulk, especially from app creators you already know you like. Head over to the App Store to get a closer look at the bundles that are available. Thinking of picking any of them up?

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