In just under two weeks since first announcing they were approaching the milestone, the Apple App Store has officially ticked over its 50 billionth download. Coincidentally the milestone was reached during the first few hours of Google I/O, where Google themselves were shouting about their own download numbers. In reaching 50 billion, that now means one lucky iOS user is set to receive a $10,000 App Store gift card, with 50 billion and one through to 50 each receiving $500 vouchers.

Apple likes to have fun with these milestone celebrations, and it's just over a year since the last one took place for reaching 25 billion. The first 25 billion took nearly 4 years to reach, with the next 25 billion coming in a remarkable 14 months. That shows amazing growth for the App Store and for the platform as a whole, and long may it continue. At this rate of growth, who knows how quickly the next milestone may come around. Will Apple celebrate 75 billion, or hold off until the magic 100 billion?

The grand prize winner will be announced soon, but the biggest question now is, just who is it that won? Was it you? Do you feel confident? If you downloaded an app in the last 3 or 4 hours you could be in with a shout. Let us know if you're feeling lucky!

Source: Apple