Track your apps' revenue, reviews and more right from your iPhone with appFigures

AppFigures is a new tool for tracking how your apps are performing on the App Store. Along with the App Store for iPhone and iPad, developers can track their apps in the Mac App Store, as well as the stores for Android and Windows Phone apps. As a developer, you can track the revenue, downloads, and reviews of your apps, either individually or as a whole.

Here's more of what you can expect from appFigures:

  • A simple interface, designed from the ground up for the iPhone.
  • Powerful and flexible reports that display important information at a glance with the ability to filter and drill down.
  • Beautiful charts, custom-built for clarity and style.
  • Review translation.
  • Delightful conveniences such as: offline mode, login with iCloud Keychain, easy sharing and more.

You can download appFigures from the App Store right now. You'll need an appFigures account in order to use the app, though their is a demo mode, which allows you to take a tour.

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