Appigo's Notebook app for iPhone and iPad has gone 2.0 and is now a universal app for iPhone and iPad with Dropbox support keep your notes synced across all your devices, including your Mac or PC.

Notebook focuses on simple functionality for creating, sharing, and editing your notes. Notebook 2 now gives you an easy and convenient way to share your notes from anywhere with Dropbox sync — collaborate with friends, keep your notes on all your iOS devices, and even add, edit, and modify them on your Mac and PC.


  • Access your notes quickly
  • Organize with multiple notebooks (folders)
  • Share notes with all your iOS devices, your Mac, your PC, and your friends in standard text files (.TXT) with Dropbox
  • Search and quickly find your notes in any notebook
  • Protect your notes from others by setting an app-wide passcode


  • Bulleted Lists: Create simple lists using a dash, bullet, number, or letter
  • Data Detection: Automatic links for phone numbers, websites, email addresses, and calendar events
  • Fonts: Display notes using a wide variety of fonts and sizes
  • Todo Support: Export notes as tasks into Appigo Todo (
  • TextExpander® Support (SmileOnMyMac, LLC): Set up keyboard shortcuts for rapid entry of common phrases
  • notes synchronization

Notebook is available on the iPhone and iPad for $4.99.

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