iPhone 4 Retina Display

Just when I was beginning to wonder where Digitimes was with their crazy iPhone 5 rumor they show up with a doozy, claiming iPhone 5 is going with a 5-inch screen to better compete with the slew of large size Android devices from the likes of Motorola and Samsung.

The component suppliers noted that the production lines for Apple's next generation iPhone have begun testing, and Apple is interesting in expanding the screen size to 4-inches to support the tablet PC market as the vendor only has a 9.7-inch iPad in the market.

This according to "upstream component suppliers" (whom we'd dearly love to put into a steel cage match against "people familiar with the situation"). But hey, a 4-inch iPhone 5 would leave 3.5-inches wide open as the new "nano" size, now wouldn't it? (And it would mesh with those "complete redesign" rumors from Engadget last month.)

When we asked you back in September what iPhone screen size you preferred, almost 30% of you wanted 4-inches, second only to the almost 35% who wanted to keep it the same. If Apple does go to 4-inches, the Retina Display would lose some density (Apple is not about to change pixel count) so is that something Jobs and co. would really consider doing? Is it something you want to do?

And what's with all the crazy rumors this week anyway? Oh, that's right...

[Digitimes, thanks Anthony!]