A growing number of iPhone users have reported what could be a serious manufacturing flaw affecting some units. After an indeterminate period of use the touchscreen may lose sensitivity in specific locations on the screen. These "dead spots" will be no longer respond to user input. For a device that depends entirely on touch input for manipulation...this isn't good.

Fortunately Apple is listening, and is now offering repairs for anyone experiencing this problem. Unfortunately the company seems intent on enforcing its $29 rental fee for loaner iPhones, while your device is in the shop. Several readers have reported they managed to negotiate a waiver, but I am not satisfied with this scheme. Negotiation should be unnecessary when the problem is a manufacturing flaw.

If I drop my iPhone and send it in for repairs I am more than willing to pony up $30 for a loaner. After all, I am the cause in this case. I draw the line when it's the manufacturer to blame. But I digress. So if your iPhone isn't responding to your touch. Call Apple and schedule a return.

I wish my dating life were this simple. Women never respond to my touch. Whom do I call to fix that?