Apple has made yet another interesting acquisition to really open 2015. The company has purchased London-based start-up Semetric for an unknown amount, absorbing the music analytics service Musicmetric. Musicmetric enables those in the music industry to track social and sales analytics, including streaming and even piracy.

The process of changing address took place on January 12, but Semetric also filed details of a new director, as The Guardian reports:

"Semetric filed details of the appointment a new director: Gene Daniel Levoff of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California – Apple's global headquarters. Levoff is vice president of corporate law at Apple, as well as a director of Apple Operations International. His appointment as a Semetric director actually happened in October, according to the filing.

Apple failed to shed light on the acquisition when asked, stating the company buys smaller companies from time to time. It's clear the company is interested to continue monitoring consumer habits when it comes to music and to get a better understanding about current trends.

Interestingly, Spotify (now an Apple competitor with the purchase of Beats) has a partnership with Musicmetric to provide streaming data for labels to access via the analytics dashboard, which will inevitably cease to continues with Apple now behind the company.

We'll have to wait and see what Apple has planned for its acquisition, and whether or not the company will integrate the service into iTunes.

Source: The Guardian