Apple acquires eighteenuser interface patents from Maya-SystemsApple has acquired eighteen user interface patents from Canadian company Maya-Systems. The patents are all related to its axis-based interface where documents and files can be stored and grouped in the cloud. A searchable timeline can then be created based on a files tags or attributes; it all sounds very similar to an Evernote type of system for notes and storage.

In the third quarter of 2012, a transaction took place between Maya-Systems Inc. and Apple Inc. (, through which Apple acquired a portion of Maya-Systems’ patents relating to innovative axis-based user interface technology. The acquisition included 18 patent properties of Maya-Systems.

Maya-Systems’ technology offers an intuitive way to display any virtual content in a superior manner. This transaction attests that Maya-Systems axis-based user interface is ahead of the growing demand for axis-based user interfaces. “We dealt with a significant number of sophisticated buyers,” noted Mathieu Audet, founder of Maya-Systems and patent agent. “We are pleased to have secured the transaction with Apple.” “Our patents have been analyzed thoroughly by many potential buyers. We are confident that they are strong assets.” The negotiations with Apple were carried out with the assistance of Mr. Louis Carbonneau from Tangible IP LLC

As noted by MacRumors, Maya-Systems main product is called “I am Organized”, it is a platform for organizing, sharing and viewing files and documents stored in the cloud. It looks like Apple wanted these patents to significantly enhance its current iCloud file sharing and document storage system; maybe we will find out much more when Apple shows off iOS 7.

Source: Maya-Systems via MacRumors

Maya-Systems' i am organized - Personal (1) from Maya-Systems on Vimeo.