Apple adds two new iPad verses: Orchestrating sound, exploring without limits

Apple's iPad-centric Your Verse campaign continued today with two new web pages and videos. The first is Orchestrating a new sound.

For renowned composer and conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, music is the deepest away of connecting with the world. He uses iPad Air to translate everyday moments of inspiration into fully orchestrated scores and share his passion for classical music with others.

The second is Exploring without limits.

Travel writer Chérie King has canoed down the Amazon River, eaten coal-roasted lobster in Ghana, and visited and underground salt mine in Austria. With her passion for adventure and her iPad Air, King Ravels the globe and inspires other deaf people to do the same.

Both once again tell not only the story of iPad but how it can enrich lives which then inspire other lives. They remain a heavier in tone and more serious than some of the other iPod and iPhone commercials, and perhaps Apple can ultimately reach a balance with "Your Voice", but as a continuation of the ongoing campaign, they do their job remarkably well.

Check out the videos about and read all about Esa-Pekka Salonen and his Orchestra app, and Chérie King and her travels, via the links above then come back here and let me know — what do you think?