Apple again fails to get import ban on Galaxy Nexus

Apple failed in its effort to get an import ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A U.S. appeals court rejected Apple’s request after revisiting an October decision by the same court. Apple had been hoping that the new panel of judges would overturn the earlier ruling. The Galaxy Nexus isn’t completely same yet, however, as a trial surrounding that device will begin in March 2014. According to Reuters, Samung is now in a stronger position because of this ruling:

In its October ruling against Apple, the appeals court raised the bar for potentially market-crippling injunctions on product sales based on narrow patents for phone features. The legal precedent puts Samsung in a much stronger position by allowing its products to remain on store shelves while it fights a global patent battle against Apple over smartphone technology.

Apple had wanted the full, nine-judge panel to rule on their request, but the court did not feel that the issue was controversial enough to warrent such action. While Apple could still appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, it is unlikely that they would find success. The fate of the Galaxy Nexus isn’t completely decided however as a patent trial surrounding that device will begin in March 2014.

Source: Reuters