Apple has released new iPad ads showcasing the iPad 4 and iPad mini both. As with previous iPad ads, these focus on apps and the experience of using the iPad. However, the jauntiness has been ratcheted up a notch, and the text with it. Actually, the text has gone rapid-fire.

Together starts off with: spark, go, tether, hello, watch, leap, roam, flick and a bunch of other words before finally settling on wild. Then an app mash up starts, another set of words ending on bright, more apps, more words ending in together, yet more apps, and a last set of words ending in iPad. Everything from built-in apps like FacetTime, to iBooks, to games, to medical apps and more are showcased.

Alive follows the same formula, hitting loud, deep, alive, and iPad, and a wide range of apps, games, and other digital content shown in between, mapping to each word. For example, loud includes loud music, the anatomy of the human ear, visually loud fashion, and drums.

While keeping the theme of iPad ads to date, the pace feels a little bit faster and catchier, more like the iPod ads. It's a fun, interesting for Apple, and given then new, lower starting price point of the iPad mini, maybe the right one.