Apple has brought their recent, gleeful, iPad ads to the iPhone 5s with two new spots called Discover and Brilliant. Just like the iPad ads, the new iPhone ads feature a series of rapid-fire words, culminating on a focus word, which then triggers a series of app demos relating to different meanings of that word.

Discover starts with rock, and shows off rock music being played on GarageBand, minerals being explored, rocking chairs being shopped for, and Alcatraz -- the Rock -- being looked at on Apple Maps. Sharp shows a sword slice in Infinity Blade, a sharp-looking tuxedo in a catalog, a sharply detailed photo being zoomed in on, and C# being tuned on a guitar. Discover shows the universe, a dinosaur, augmented reality on Yelp, and Shazam identifying a song.

Brilliant starts off with sweet, and shows a fruity dessert, a heartfelt sentiment in card-form, a touching moment from Pixar's Up, and a sweet skateboard trick. Rise shows a sunrise, a Starbucks payment via Passbook, energy efficiency in the face of rising costs, and a remote-controlled helicopter rising up from behind the iPhone. Brilliant shows Albert Einstein in an iBook, solving a virtual Rubik's Cube, solving math with MyScript Calculator, and changing the color and intensity of a Hue lightbulb.

While some people have been critical of this series of commercials, I still think they both retain Apple's traditional app-centric iOS marketing theme, while adding some of the lighter, faster fun that's traditionally been reserved for iPod advertising.

They may not be pitch perfect, but they strike me as more Apple than the previous spate of celebrity Siri spots. How are you liking them in general, and more specifically, how do you like them for the iPhone?