Apple airs three new Genius based commercials during the Olympic Games opening ceremony

Apple aired three new style commercials during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games; which is currently being held in London. The new style commercials are quite cheeky and unlike anything we have seen from Apple before. They are quite tongue in cheek and show a blue shirted Apple genius in each advertisement, coming to the rescue of customers.

  • Basically shows the Apple Genius laughing at not-Macs (Windows) and showing the customer all the add-on value of using a Mac.
  • Labor Day shows an expectant Father knocking on the Genius's door at 4am; asking for assistance with a birth announcement card even as he should be calling the hospital.
  • May Day is set on a plane with the Genius coming to the aid of a customer who has forgotten his anniversary and asks for help making an iMovie.

The new style ads, with a touch of humor, are certainly different to the recent ads we have seen from Apple. Having said that, Apple has often tried to inject a bit of humor into its commercials; the “Get a Mac” commercials were hugely successful when they were aired.

The new ads are all embedded below for your viewing pleasure. When you have watched them, let us know what you think. Do they encourage you to consider a Mac or a visit to an Apple Store?