The iPhone 5 brought LTE to the iPhone for the the first time, but according to reports out of South Korea, the next iPhone is set to take it a step further with LTE-Advanced. The caveat is that at this point in time, only South Korea is preparing an LTE-A network with the recent launch of a capable version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, according to report from The Korea Times, Apple and SK-Telecom are in discussions over an LTE-A version of the next iPhone:

“SK Telecom is approaching Apple to put our LTE-A technology on the upcoming iPhone 5s. We are in the middle of negotiations,” said an SK Telecom executive, requesting anonymity.

The leg work is reportedly coming from the carrier, eager to have Apple's next iPhone to add to their new, superfast LTE network. LTE-A in its simplest terms could enable download speeds of 150Mbps over LTE, by utilising multiple radio channels at once to download with. SK-Telecom plans to have seven LTE-A enabled devices by the end of the year, but launching with the next iPhone would be nothing if not a massive marketing tool. In the UK, for example, Vodafone has said they didn't want to launch their own LTE network without having the iPhone available on it.

While an LTE-A iPhone would only be available initially in South Korea, the pure existence of such a model would still benefit the rest of the world. When we all eventually catch up, next time around it would sure be nice to have the iPhone compatible almost immediately, wouldn't it?

Source: The Korea Times