For the last two weeks we here at TiPb have been taking a deeper look into Apple's "Game On" push. Can anyone really doubt Steve Jobs is trying to make the iPhone/iPod Touch into the next big portable gaming device? Stop and think about it, he took the idea of a portable MP3 player and made it into a device that has dominated the music business ever since. Now, according to Jobsy, "you could make a pretty good argument [the iPhone is] the best portable device for playing games on."

Michael Gartenberg, vice president of Mobile Strategy at Jupitermedia's, chimed in:

The not-so-subtle message was, ‘If you’re thinking about buying something like a PSP or a DS, maybe you want to think again because we’ve got this cool device that does all your mobile stuff and, by the way, is a pretty excellent game platform as well’

Steve Palley, Editorial Guru for Vivendi Games Mobile said:

The iPhone is going to make the mobile games industry into everything we always wanted it to be but failed to achieve.

Even Nintendo's Denise Kaigler, VP of Corporate Affairs spoke out regarding the iPhone:

Any time you have a new company enter an industry, it’s always good for the consumer. It gives them choices and we welcome that. But we have found over the last 20 years, despite all the choices consumers have had, that the Nintendo devices have enjoyed a great deal of success.

I really can not argue with Nintendo's comment. Nintendo is the king of the hill in the handheld gaming industry. Many have tried to overtake them, all failing. Here's what I'm thinking, though, Apple may not be the top dog at the moment but by the time the next iPhone is released, Jobsy might just be saying "I told you so!". Give the App Store a year to grow, software developers time to get the most out of the hardware, etc... And then lets see how things start to shake out. What are you guys and gals thinking?