Apple has sent out a note to developers regarding an App Store volume purchase program that allows educational institutions to make bulk purchases at a 50% discount.


blockquote>We’re pleased to announce the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Education institutions in the United States now have a new way to purchase your apps in volume for distribution to their students and faculty. You can also elect to offer special education pricing on your app when purchased in volume.

Read more about the App Store Volume Purchase Program and how to get started in iTunes Connect.

This is a way for for educational institutions that want to purchase a large amount of licenses for an iPhone or iPad app without the need for countless individual iTunes accounts. The purchasing of these discounted applications is done with the use of vouchers which can be purchased via the Apple Store for Education in $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 denominations. These very vouchers then can be distributed to the program facilitators to be redeemed within the App Store.

Sounds like a great idea if a fairly complicated way to go about it. For the full rundown be sure to check out the Volume Purchase Plan Frequently Asked Questions.

[Thanks anonymized developer for the tip!]

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