Apple announces their Jan. 27 "Come see our latest creation" event, and like a big, rumor-filled moth to an increasingly rabid internet flame, rumors of a Verizon iPhone being part of it follow:

"We believe there is a good chance," writes Canaccord Adams' Peter Misek in a note to clients Wednesday, "that the 'One more thing…' part of next week’s presentation may include two iPhone-related announcements: namely, the release of iPhone OS 4.0 and the unveiling of iPhone 4G coming to Verizon in June."

To be clear, TiPb still believes that, technologically, Apple will be able to produce a Verizon (i.e. CDMA) compatible iPhone by this June/July, but whether or not their exclusivity with AT&T will be over by then, and whether or not they can come to financial (subsidy) terms with Verizon is anyone's guess.

Also, Misek no doubt means G4, as in 4th gen iPhone, not 4G as in 4G wireless, LTE networking, since he later states he only thinks we'll see an LTE iPhone in 2011. And if iPhone 4.0 is "released" it will likely be a beta for developers, with the consumer "release" to follow a few months later as it has in years past.

So, anyone placing odds on a big, red iPhone next week?

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