Take a note on your Mac at home, update it on your iPad at a meeting, read it on your iPhone on the go. Built in.

A proper, iOS-style Notes app is one of the 100 features included in today's announcement of OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion developer preview. That means iOS users who also use the Mac finally have a good way to sync notes between all your devices with ease. Previously, iOS Notes would sync with Mac Mail, which was an odd if Outlook-style choice. Apple has continued to make the Mac more like iOS, however, and dedicated, single task apps is a big part of that.

Think it up. Jot it down. Make it even more noteworthy with photos, images, and attachments. You can add, delete, and flip through your notes or do a quick search. Use the Share button to send your notes to friends or colleagues with Mail or Messages. Pin important notes to your desktop so they’re easy to get to. And take them with you everywhere.

Notes for OS X Mountain Lion will allow you to quickly and easily take your notes on your Mac and have them sync via iCloud, and have access to them on your iPad at the coffee shop or meeting, or your iPhone while on the go.

In addition to syncing to your mobile device, you are also able to pin important notes to your desktop, and they have made sharing your notes extremely easy by allowing you to share via messages or mail right from your Mac.