The Indian government isn't making it easy for Apple to bring its retail stores to the country. After flipping back and forth on the issue of mandatory local sourcing, the government introduced changes to its foreign direct investment policy, giving companies like Apple the ability to set up stores without sourcing locally for three years if they can show that their products use cutting-edge technology.

However, it now looks like the government wants Apple to submit a new application for its bid to open single-brand retail stores. In a statement to the Press Trust of India, an official for the Department Of Industrial Policy & Promotion said that they will have to re-evaluate the claim that iPhones use cutting-edge technology:

After a proposal comes to the DIPP, it will have to be decided by the concerned administrative ministry on whether a technology is cutting edge. It will be a case to case decision.

The ministry tasked will "look at parameters like the relevance and the nature of the technology used in the product to take a view. It has to be a consistent view." What this essentially means is that there will be a further delay before Apple gets the signoff to establish retail stores in India. If you're wondering, the Cupertino giant initiated the application process all the way back in January.