Apple Tomorrow 16/11

Earlier today put up a huge teaser for iTunes news, scheduled for 10am ET tomorrow. No media event. No keynote. No time to launch major new product initiatives before the keynote. So while rumors swirled it might be the launch of cloud media streaming or a similarly cloud-based subscription service, the intransigent recording labels and absurd international licensing deals being what they are, those never seemed likely. Sure, iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2 could have something hidden in the code, but Apple can't even get the jerks over at NBC and CBS to let them rent TV shows, so all that potential seems destined to stay hidden, at least for now.

What did seem more likely is what I tweeted about earlier today:

Are they really crazy enough to take over the front page just to tease a Beatles announcements?

And the answer it seems, courtesy of some confirmation by way the Wall Street Journal, is yes.

Or more precisely Steve Jobs is.

My guess is the Beatles are a big part of the reason he took Apple into music and built iTunes and the iTunes Store to begin with, and his inability to get them sooner has no doubt been a source of considerable frustration.

So now, if it really is a done deal, Jobs and Apple could very well want to make some noise about it. Not keynote level, but level.

Will the surviving Beatles will be a part of the announcement, and will they be getting an iTunes LP? Heck, will iPad finally get iTunes LP so we, and Steve Jobs, can kick back and relive our youth flipping through gorgeous album art and liner notes? Who knows.

Sure, maybe the Beatles is just part of what's coming tomorrow. Maybe we'll get iTunes Live Streaming. Maybe we'll get subscriptions. Maybe we'll get something more. But right now all signs point to the Beatles, and that's why.