Last year Apple launched Metal for iOS, and this year on stage they announced they will be bringing Metal to the Mac in OS X El Capitan.

Apple brings Metal to the Mac

Apple has announced that it is bringing Metal, a feature previously only available on iOS, to the Mac. With Metal, developers will be able to increase performance, while offering better CPU efficiency. With Metal, apps will launch 1.4 times faster, apps will switch 2 times faster, and PDF's can load up to 4 times faster. For the CPU, Metal will offer 40% greater efficiency as well. Metal combines OpenCL and OpenGL with single API, making things even easier for developers.

Many developers are already hoping on board with utilizing Metal, such as 2K, Unity, Blizzard, Feral, Unreal Engine, The Foundry, and many others. Adobe is already on board to bring make use of Metal in their cloud apps.