WWDC pains persist as Apple cancels, reinstates tickets for companies that bought more than one

This morning Apple has apparently canceled some WWDC 2012 tickets, claiming that they are "ineligible" because individuals aren't supposed to buy more than one. Of course, companies with teams of developers are allowed to buy more than one, but some combination of using the same address and Apple's system not working the way it's supposed to has flagged legitimate tickets for cancellation. Much to the rage and consternation of developers. Apple is apparently reinstating the purchases but needless to say, it's been a dramatic day for some iOS developers.

The Worldwide Developer Conference sold out after two hours of being on sale. That's with zero advance notice and a 5:30am PDT start time. If a developer was unfortunate enough to be in a bad time zone, or simply away from a computer when they went on sale, tough luck. WWDC policy prohibits the transfer and resale of tickets, which prevents scalping but compounds the problem for developers who missed the tiny window of availability.

That's led to some opportunists still trying to pull of sales on eBay, and to some desperate developers offering to change their name to that of the original purchaser (and pull jury duty!) in order to get access.

Have you had any problems getting your WWDC tickets? Have you been unpleasantly surprised by one of these e-mails from Apple? Developers, how important is WWDC attendence to your business? Let us know in our iOS Developer and Designer Forum

Source: TNW, eBay, Craigslist