According to a new report, the head of Apple's car project, said to be dubbed Project Titan, is parting ways with Apple. Steve Zadesky, who has been with Apple for 16 years, and was reportedly tasked with driving Apple's car efforts forward for the last two, is leaving the company due to personal reasons, reports The Wall Street Journal:

Steve Zadesky, a 16-year Apple veteran who has been overseeing its electric-car project for the last two years, has told people he is leaving the company. The timing of his departure isn't clear. He is still at Apple for now.

A person familiar with the matter said Mr. Zadesky's departure was for personal reasons and wasn't related to his performance. Mr. Zadesky didn't immediately respond to a message sent through LinkedIn.

If Zadesky does indeed leave the company, it's unclear if that will have any sizable impact on Apple's reported target ship date of 2019. However, the Wall Street Journal report does note that the Project Titan team has had difficulty outlining "clear goals" for the project.

Apple still hasn't confirmed or denied that it is indeed working on an "Apple Car", but a number of recent auto-industry hires, domain name registrations and meetings with regulators strongly hint that something car-related is going on at the Cupertino company.

Source: The Wall Street Journal