Following huge announcements earlier in the week, and a skyrocketing stock price, but it doesn't change the love fest that was Tim Cook's call into Mad Money. Marking it's 10th year on CNBC, host Jim Cramer was "surprised" by the call from "Tim from California" (the show regularly takes calls from viewers asking about stocks) which led to a 7-minute conversation between the two.

The discussion bounded from point-to-point, from Apple Pay hitting 700,000 retailers (including a ribbing about Cramer's own Bar San Miguel not yet accepting Apple Pay) to the announcement of ResearchKit to the company's skyrocketing stock price. Asked about the competition, Cook had this to say:

We're always paranoid. We live paranoid. We always want the very best product. If we're not trying to beat someone else, we're trying to beat what we're currently shipping. Everyone here lives on the edge.

For his part, Cramer's opinion of Apple as a stock has wavered from bearish to bullish over the years. But given the enormous growth seen in AAPL over the past few years (and that he was talking to the company's CEO), he put on a positive outlook, saying that he sees automotive and home connectivity as a big part of Apple's future. But Cook? He sees health and devices like Apple Watch as a huge part of Apple's future, saying that the health market is "significantly underestimated."

Cramer closed with strong praise for Apple: "I revere Tim Cook, and I revere Apple. I am proud that they are an American company; I am proud to be an American."

Source: CNBC