Apple chases quality, not quantity, Greg Joswiak reveals

Apple product marketing exec Greg Joswiak says that Apple isn't chasing market share driven by low price points. With the products that Apple delivers, including the iPhone and the Mac, Apple will be after a better customer experience and delivering more value to the consumer. Joswiak says that he isn't concerned about Android beating Apple in terms of market share because there is always a healthy market for quality products.

In response to Re/Code's Ina Fried's question on stage about Apple's market share, Joswiak responded:

Our goal is to make the best products with the best experience. And we're trying to make sure that we are delivering on that, and by and large we do. Our customer satisfaction rate is higher than anybody's. We have no shortage of either developers or customers … maybe it is naïve, but we [believe] that if we make a better product and a better experience, that there will always be a healthy market for that. And a healthy market doesn't mean we have to be market-share leader.

And in terms of the Apple Watch, the Apple exec says that it's a product that combines health, fashion, and fitness.

What do you think of Apple's response? Coincidentally, as was reported by Android Central, Apple rival Motorola is chasing market share and low prices, a strategy that Joswiak says Apple has learned to avoid through its own past mistakes.

Source: Re/Code