White iPhone 4

In an interview on the Engadget Show yesterday Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speculated the white iPhone 4 will be coming very soon, stating his belief manufacturing problems had been resolved and Apple would begin shipments in the near future.

Woz specifically mentioned camera issues with some of the DIY conversion kits recently circulated using leaked parts from component suppliers -- something he personally experimented with himself. He went on to explain that photos taken with modded parts looked like they were "taken through cellophone" due to light leaking through the painted glass, and that he thinks Apple decided against shipping because they couldn't find a way to fix the problem.

We told you last week that Apple started using a new painting process to help with the issues plaguing the white iPhone, which lined up with reports that the white iPhone had shown up in Best Buy and Vodafone's ordering system, so Steve's statements don't seem so far off.

Do you think we could finally be seeing the mystical white iPhone 4 soon, or is it still just a pipe dream? Sound off in the comments below!

UPDATE: We altered the language slightly -- seems Woz is basing his comments on rumors just like the rest of us. No special Apple co-founder info involved.