Apple confirms iCloud outage, but your iTunes and iMessage are okay

Apple just confirmed that iCloud service has been restored. All iCloud components are now fully functioning. Apple so far has not commented on the reason for this morning's outage.

Original story: We've been hearing reports from our readers that iCloud is down, and now it looks like Apple has officially confirmed the outage. At the time of this writing, select iCloud services are down, but Apple's iMessage service for messaging iOS and OS X Mac users are still up and running so while you may not be able to pull up that Pages document and collaborate in the cloud, you're free to chat about the outage.

Services that are down at this time include Documents in the Cloud, Back to my Mac, iCloud Calendar, iCloud Mail, iCloud Contacts, iCloud Keychain, Find my iPhone, iCloud Backup, iCloud Account & Sign In, and others.

While those services are down, iChat, iMessage, FaceTime, Apple ID, App Store, iTunes, Siri, and iBooks Store are all up and running. So while productivity may be hampered, other aspects of iCloud is still fully functional.

How is the outage affecting you? Be sure to visit the Apple System Status page for the latest updates.

Thanks, Jason, for the news tip and all our other tippers.

Via: 9to5 Mac