Apple confirms Mavericks giveaway wasn't a one time thing, future updates will also be free

During his remarks during Apple's fourth-quarter earnings call with analysts, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer confirmed that Apple's decision to make OS X Mavericks a free upgrade wasn't a one-time fluke. He said "Mavericks and future versions of OS X" will be free.

OS X Mavericks debuted earlier this month along with the introduction of refreshed MacBook Pro models. The new version of the Mac operating system sports over 200 new features, including new Maps and iBooks applications, tabbed Finder windows, tagging, and many "under the hood" enhancements to performance and battery efficiency.

The giveaway of Mavericks - along with Apple's decision to offer its iWork applications for free - may cost you nothing, but it certainly costs Apple. Oppenheimer noted that Mavericks' giveaway, along with free iWork apps for new Mac and iOS device users alike - will contribute to a $900 million increase in deferred revenue for the December quarter, affecting the company's gross margin expectations. Apple will record those deferrals for the Mac over a four year period.

Did Mavericks' giveaway affect your decision to update? Have you gotten free updates to iWork apps, or new iLife apps? Tell me in the comments.