According to Silicon Valley Insider and a anonymous tipster, Apple COO Tim Cook may be leaving Apple to take the spot of CEO at General Motors.


blockquote>"[Interim GM CEO Edward E. Whitacre] wants the candidate to come from a company known for operational excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction and in addition he is looking for someone that has turnaround experience. It also doesn't hurt that [Tim] has been able to work with Jobs. Whitacre does want to stay on as Chairman. Also, Cook has been the key link to AT&T and should understand the culture that Whitacre, [a former AT&T CEO] built."

Of course this information is coming fromSilicon Valley Insider should be taken with a grain of salt but it does make sense that GM would be going after Cook as they need all the help they can get. But if you consider how well of a job Cook did stepping in for Steve Jobs during his medical leave and then throw in the fact Cook made a cool 12 million in doing so... we'd have to say he is next in line to take over as CEO at Apple when Steve decides to step down.

So again, this is all speculation but we will keep you informed if anything else does turn up.