On behalf of its employees, Apple has donated $2.5 million to the American Red Cross to aid in their Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane in modern memory, devastating the eastern seaboard from the Caribbean to the northeastern United States between October 22 and October 31, 2012, causing damages estimated to be in excess of $20 billion, and incalculable human impact. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, informed employees of the donation yesterday via email. Seth Weintraub from 9to5Mac got a hold of a copy. It reads, in part:

We hope this contribution will help businesses, families, and communities recover and rebuild.

Gail McGovern, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, thanked Apple for their donations in a separate, linked, letter.

U.S residents who want to contribute as well can do so directly via iTunes.

Although Sandy turned before we got anything more than a lot of wind and rain up here in Montreal, several of our Mobile Nations friends and family in New Jersey and West Virginia area were without power for days, their homes and offices flooded, their lives deeply affected. To everyone who's suffered through Sandy, be well and comeback fast. To everyone who has donated, thank you.

To read Tim Cook's full letter, hit the link below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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