Apple donates iPads, MacBooks to 114 schools in 29 states for ConnectED education initiative

Stating that education is a fundamental right for everyone, Apple had announced that it is joining the White House's ConnectED initiative to donate technology to schools that lack the resources. On its educational portal, Apple details that it will be contributing iPads, MacBooks, and Apple TVs to 114 schools spanning 29 states where 96 percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch programs.

The company has been making big pushes for equality, and says that educational equality is very important, noting that Apple wants to do its part:

A lack of equal access to technology and knowledge puts entire communities and populations of students at a disadvantage, especially minorities... We believe that young minds and young innovators of tomorrow should have every opportunity to realize their potential through today's powerful learning tools. It's important to us that our contribution to ConnectED makes a difference for students and communities who need it the post.

Apple is hoping that students and teachers will use the technologies it provides to enhance learning:

Technology paired with passionate and well-supported teachers enables deeper creativity and learning. That's why every student at our ConnectED schools will receive an iPad, allowing students to connect with topics and express themselves like never before. Every teacher and administrator will receive an iPad and a Mac to help support and inspire their students. And every ConnectED classroom will have an Apple TV to help students immerse themselves in the educational content they discover and the work they create.

Additionally, Apple is also providing support and collaborating with educators to deliver custom curriculum solutions at no extra charge.

Source: Apple

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