Snow Leopard FreeApple is trying to encourage users of its MobileMe service to switch over to iCloud by offering a free Snow Leopard upgrade DVD. Snow Leopard usually costs $29 from the Apple Store. In order to use iCloud on your Mac, it has to be running Lion. Apparently, some percentage of MobileMe users are still running on Leopard and haven’t upgraded to Snow Leopard which is needed before you can upgrade to Lion.

Apple is recommending that MobileMe customers log in to their MobileMe accounts and fill out a form with their mailing information. Apple will then send out a free copy of Snow Leopard on DVD. Of course there is more to this than meets the eye. In order for users to take advantage of iCloud, Snow Leopard still doesn’t cut the mustard. Once upgraded to Snow leopard with the free DVD, you then have to upgrade your Mac to Lion which will cost you $29.99.

MobileMe is due to be terminated as an Apple Service on June 30, so it makes sense to upgrade to an iCloud account as soon as possible. The offer of a free copy of Snow Leopard is due to expire on June 15, so it’s a good time to at least save half the cost of your upgrade... if you are still running Leopard on your Mac.

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Source: MacGasm