Apple ends agreements with Crimean developers following U.S. and European sanctions

Apple has apparently terminated their agreements with developers in Crimea, following sanctions against the region made by the United States government and European Commission. The sanctions prevent Apple from doing business in the region, and developers there will no longer be able to publish apps to the App Store. Apple's letter says that Crimean developers must immediately stop using Apple development software, and destroy any materials related to development, according to Habrahabr [translated from Russian]:

Apple may terminate your status as a Registered Apple Developer at Any time at its sole discretion under the RAD Agreement. The new sanctions on the Crimea Region announced by the US Government on December 19, 2014 and announced by the European Commission on December 18, 2014 prohibit the continuation of the RAD Agreement between you and Apple. For more information, please review Executive Order 13685 and the European Commission Notice. We would like to remind you of your obligations with regard to software and all other confidential information that you obtained from Apple as a Registered Apple Developer. You must promptly cease all use of and destroy such materials and comply with all the other obligations set forth termination in the RAD Agreement.

Apple isn't the only company pulling out of Crimea, with Valve cutting off access to its Steam game store.

Source: Habrahabr, Yuri Tkachenko on Twitter, via TechCrunch