Yeah.  Linkin Park.  Try to hold in your enthusiasm.  Photo courtesy

Mac Rumors is reporting that the Apple Event, the one we were all hoping would bring the announcement of the SDK and end the omgnoappz saga, happened last night. It was Linkin Park playing a show at an Apple Store. They're also reporting that the dearth of press invites bodes ill for a full-on press event for the launch of the SDK.

In other words, though we've heard that Apple is supposed to still be able to meet their self-imposed February deadline, things are starting to look bleak in terms of their being much more than just the release of the SDK. I hope I'm wrong and that I was wrong in my podcast prediction: that if Apple makes the deadline, we'll just see an SDK released to developers and the iPhone update that allows for apps will take awhile longer.

(Also: Linkin Park is still around and popular? Hunh. I thought all they did was get stalked.)