Www.Tuaw.Com Media 2008 02 Showtime

This is the month we are supposed to see the unveiling of the iPhone SDK, finally ending all the omgnoappz drama and obviating the need for Jailbreaking for all but the most hardcore of iPhone users. It feels like the wait has taken forever.

Now we see that TUAW is reporting that there will indeed be an Apple event at the end of February. Many are hoping that it will be the release (or at least more details) on the iPhone SDK. Others are hoping for a 3G iPhone announcement -- but that seems much less likely given that Apple just released the 16GB model.

So let's join the bandwagon and assume it'll be an SDK event. Cool. Now the real question, the one that put an icy lump of fear and doubt into our hearts during the last Phone different podcast: what if it's just an announcement of an SDK for developers, that Apple won't let the apps on for another 6 months?